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Ipad for free online-What is an I.P. Address?


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Internet Protocol Address-or (i.p. Address)


Every time you use the internet, whether it’s to visit a website, do some shopping, reply to emails or anything else for that matter, your computer is telling other computers what your address is so they know exactly where to send information back to.

Just like you would tell someone your home address if you wanted them to physically post you a letter for example, your Internet Protocol or your I.P. address for short is a unique number that lets your computer communicate with anyone else on the internet. With most affiliate marketing companies the I.P. address is noted when you join so that if your unique I.P. address was to show up on their system again under a different name, this would look like someone was trying to cheat the system and in turn they would put your account on hold.

This is why it is very important to not let any of your referrals sign up using your computer or the internet connection in your home. Even though they are different computers, they would still be using the same connection so would still have the same I.P. Address.


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