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Google Tablet Team delay launch of its device to reconsider its strategy. April 2012


The rumours that Google were going to release a tablet computer first started last March when it was claimed the company was going to launch a seven inch tablet for two hundred dollars.  The launch was supposed to happen soon but Google have put back the launch until July at the earliest. Google are planning to sell the device online with competing models so as to maximise distribution.

The Google Pad is reported to have a Tegra 3 quad core processor, seven inch screen and is Wi-Fi compatible. No one knows what the screen quality or design will be like but at two hundred dollars it is unlikely to come close to the iPad. However, with the iPad costing around five hundred dollars, Apple have been considering a smaller 7" version of the iPad to cater for the more budget conscious consumer.  This was something Steve Jobs had always been against but the new leader of Apple is said to be investigating the possibility of it





Could Apple be about to launch a 3D camera? 12th April 2012

Three dimensional technology is being developed by Apple and promises to blow its rivals out of the water. The Apple corporation claims that the new 3D camera will feature face gesturing recognition and facial recognition as well as more colour.  This will work perfectly with the iPhone 4s and new iPad's retina display.

Of major interest is the 3D technology that is being prepared to work with various devices of the future, not just iPads, Apple Computers and iPhones.  This is leading many to suggest that Apple may well be releasing a 3D camera.

It isn't clear when this groundbreaking event will take place but Apple have already patented the application so it hopefully won't be too long.



Apple naming of the "new iPad" may have been a mistake! 6th April 2012

Almost a month after the new iPad was launched - people are still calling it the iPad 3. Research that Google have carried out showed that the term "iPad 3" got over three times more queries in the UK than the real name of "new iPad".  That term hasn't changed over the last month either.
Even some UK technology site, including the Guardian, The Telegraph and T3 have continually called the "new iPad" the "iPad 3". Even Apple user forums are calling it the iPad3 so despite Apple's desire for the iPad to be called the new iPad, it is falling on deaf ears. 


The Pad is now helping to save the whales 6th April 2012


Incredibly the iPad is now helping save the whales.  An app called Whale Alert lets mariners know if they have entered an area where whales might be present.  The app also works on the iphone has a coastal map that blinks when a whale has been spotted. The diminishing number of whales on America's East coast means that they must be protected and the free iPad app can help do that. Unfortunately boat operators don't often see whales as they swim as they swim under the surface but the iPad technology gives whales the right to swim safely in their own environment.

The app also allows people who go on whale spotting trips a fabulous opportunity to get to exactly where the whales are and so they can observe the whales in their natural environment.

Before the free iPad app mariners used to get emails or faxes but this wasn't an effective way of communicating and the information was often disorganized. The use of the Whale Alert app is real time and is the result of work by non profit conservation groups, private sector industries, government agencies and academic institutions.


The latest word on the new iPad 3 - April 2012


The latest reviews for the latest iPad from apple all agree that the latest features have really helped the iPad keep its position as the best tablet computer on the market. With a high resolution display, improved camera, 4G connectivity and other improved specifications, the latest iPad does not disappoint.

• The latest iPad looks very similar to its predecessor, although it is a little heavier (just 50g) and slightly thicker. Critics agree that the quality of the retina display more than makes up for any slight change in size and weight. That isn't to say that the iPad 2 is obsolete, it will still be going strong in years to come.

• The iPad has been classed as the best tablet on earth. The new iPad keeps that title. It is felt to be the best choice general purpose tablet computer. Although it doesn't give us anything that hasn't been done before, the latest battery and screen technology makes it even better looking, integrated and designed that its rivals. What's more, despite the improved features, the price is the same as the old iPad.

• There is an improved camera on the ipad which will give great results. This is due to an improved sensor so the pictures you take on an ipad are better looking pictures. The Apple iPad has been described as the most usable, beautiful and functional tablet that has ever been produced.


The most advanced ipad yet. March 2012

The new iPad has just been launched and is already proving a great success. This isn’t a surprise as Apple have come up with product after product of quality gadgets.  The ipod, the iphone, the ipad.  Apple has gone from strength to strength with their releases.

The new ipad has some great new features which will prove beneficial for personal and business users alike.  One of the main things that has changed is the retina display.  This is now much sharper and allows business users to present their products on the display like never before thanks to the high resolution, 3.1 megapixel graphics.

The new A5X chip is also four times faster than its android competitors thanks to the quad core graphics. Lets not forget the other benefits either – it’s light, slim line and has a long battery life.  It is probably the best portable computer on the market.

The way the ipad can assist you through your day will probably surprise you.  There is a camera called isight.  This can shoot videos and allow them to be edited on the ipad too. The ipad camera has a special feature that stops it from shaking, which most people experience when shooting a video on a normal video camera.

You can now dictate to the new ipad whilst on the go! This means you can send emails and text by voice recognition and is similar to Siri on the iphone 4s. Very handy for those who struggle with typing, writing or need to be hands free.

The new ipad photo app allows you to edit your pictures to a very high level and create collages and collections.  You can add captions and other features to the pictures then send everything to iCloud to be streamed to your other devices.

This fantastic new ipad is not cheap however.  This isn’t surprising considering just how much research has gone into it and also the incredible features it offers its user. If you can afford it, great.  If not, then there is another way to get an ipad and it won’t cost you anything.

To get a free ipad requires very little effort if you know where to look.  The method I am talking about is the freebie method.  You simply have to join the freebie community, complete an offer on a promotional page and refer others to do the same.  Let me explain further.

First you should find a genuine freebie site.  You can easily find these because they will contain testimonials from people who have received a free ipad.  They will also follow the same procedure as I mentioned previously.  That is – register, complete an offer and refer. When you register with the freebie site you will be directed to another site full of promotional offers and deals.  These are from reputable companies such as the AA or Lovefilm.  They are either free or low cost and won’t take much time to complete.  You could join the AA, take out a free trial of the DVD rental system Lovefilm or build yourself a free website.  There are a lot of choices.  After you have done this you can refer other people to do the same.  For every person who signs up to the freebie site following your link, then completes an offer, you will be awarded twenty points.  If, for example, twenty five people complete this process you will have qualified for a free ipad. You simply order it and it will be delivered to your door.

This process can take as little as a few weeks depending on how quickly the people you refer complete their part. 

If you do want to get a free new ipad or a free ipad 2 you should seriously consider joining the freebie community.  It is a well proven system and thousands of people have received free gadgets including free ipads. 


Aug 17th 2010

New e-style newspaper for the Apple iPad


The media expert Mr Rupert Murdoch is embracing a different format for his latest project. The endeavour will be a national newspaper developed exclusively for viewing on the Apple iPad and mobile phone, smartphone devices. Though it seems like an exceedingly worthy endeavour, it is also very risky given it will incorporate only paid for content.
Murdoch’s intention is to attract a younger generation of readers to his news having a digital platform. Dependant on the status of the media industry, perhaps it is something that is destined to fail. Once the daily newspaper The Times began offering an internet version featuring paid content, 66 % of the readership fled. In these difficult economic times, it would appear that the last thing readers wish to accomplish is budget for their latest news content.
Underneath the surface of this seemingly innovative move are classified as the facts concerning the format with the forth coming e-style newspaper. The LA Times reports it will supply “short, snappy stories that are digested quickly.” That sounds a lot like a blog, one which readers will need to pay for, at that. Everything's getting more risky by the minute according to this additional information.

If the new e-style newspaper develops superb reputation of the other news Corporation publications for example the New York Post as well as the Wall Street Journal, things might actually end up positive. A name for this latest publication hasn't yet been determined, so no marketing funds have been used to promote it. The media is not very optimistic that this e-style newspaper will survive for long but they have been proven wrong before and could possibly be again..
Rupert is striving to have his newspaper company embrace the field of digital media. Absolutely nothing is worse than an organization that ignores changes in the market while everybody else moves to a new way of doing things. As reports circulate regarding the looming demise of the print media industry, this seventy nine year old man is reinventing just how things are done


May 16th 2010

iPad Jailbreak

iPad Jailbreaking Rumours that the iPad was Jailbroken just hours after being launched by the "Spirit" Jailbreak programme are in fact true. This programme is now available and will work on all iPhone (Operating system) devices and that of course includes the brand new iPad 3G. For those of you out there who have not yet heard the phrase Jailbreaking or who have heard of it but are unsure what it means; to Jailbreak an iPhone, iPod or iPad is to hack the OS (Operating system) so that it will run applications from third party sources. is untethered which means that once you have unlocked your device with just a click of the easy applied software, you can then start or restart your device at will. The downside of this is that at the moment the software is considered to be a little buggy, which could cause your Apple iPad to crash for no reason, meaning that you do risk having to reload the whole Operating system from the Apple backup disc.  




May 10th 2010

Is the iPad just a big iPod?

Since the release of the iPad some people of referred it to just a big iPod, of course there are similarities between the two products and yes the iPad is "Bigger"  but it has so much more to offer. I don't think anyone could take the iPod seriously for mobile computing with the small screen and limited harware it is suited to the purpose it was created for and that is Music, the iPad with a much larger screen and faster processor is capable of real mobile computing, spreadsheets and PowerPoint style presentations are ideal for anyone in business as well as university and home use, Music, Video and Photo`s are ideal on the iPad and can be viewed without straining your eyes, which in my book is a real plus as i am a keen movie fan and will enjoy the odd movie on the go.
All in all the iPad is an ideal portable size and shape to carry around, unlike the cumbersome shape and style of laptops.  Apple as well as other third party software designers are hard at work to produce thousands of useful applications especially for the iPad, I have no doubt that once used by anyone who denounced it as merely a big iPod will soon change their minds and become a big fan of the iPad.


May 31st 2010

iPad sales over two million

Apple have been reported to say today that they have sold two million of the iPad in less than two months after the launch. The iPad which has a combination of other gadgets  benefits has  got the speed of a laptop and the mobility of a smart-phone, this makes the iPad a very useable device for modern day living and a must have gadget for all your mobile computing needs.

Free iPad customer
It  has been reported that the estimated sales from the U.S.  were around 57% of all the iPad sales while the U.K and France were the next two largest markets, sales are expected to keep going up now that the Apple iPad has a cult following , celebrity Stephen Fry who is an avid fan of Twitter and the iPad device, was one of the lucky customers who managed to get one on the day of release in the U.K..



May 28th 2010

iPad available from uk Apple stores

With huge snaking queues around their flagship store in Regent street London and the doors ready to open at 8.00am the atmosphear was electrifying. At the front of the que was 17 year old teenager Jake Lee who whooped with excitment when he emerged from the doors clutching his iPad, "It feels amazing,he said. I want a go on it right now. Im so excited".

In Tokyo it was 19 year old Takechiyo Yamanaka who was the first in the que and to get his hands on his long awaited Apple iPad. "I felt real excitment when it was finally in my hands he said.


May 26th 2010

Apple has announced that the iPad tablet will go on sale in 9 countries outside of the United States.

  • IPad model u.k. prices
  • 16GB, wifi only - £429 inc vat
  • 32GB, wifi only - £499 inc vat
  • 64GB, wifi only - £599 inc vat
  • 16GB, wifi/3G - £529 inc vat
  • 32GB, wifi/3G - £599 inc vat
  • 64GB, wifi/3G - £699 inc vat

With this great new gadget being launched in the United States on the 3rd of April 2010, the U.K. market has not had to wait too long for its U.K release. With the price for the 16GB model starting at £429 including vat and the highest specification model 64GB being at £699 including vat, it certainly looks like it is being aimed at various different customers from students and teenagers to business people and professionals.



January 27th 2010

The Apple iPad was announced by Steve Jobs

Free iPad

Steve Jobs announces the new Apple iPad which is to occupy the market between Smartphone's and laptops. He did his bit by demonstrating the movie and YouTube playback capabilities on the iPad, choosing Star Trek as his demo of choice. The playback seemed to be very smooth whilst having fast navigation through sequences.
The device can be held in any position and will rotate images to be viewed in any particular angle. It is extremely handy for flipping over to show anyone sat in front of you the images on your iPad and it will adjust to the other persons viewing angle very quickly. Initial web browsing impressions and the iPads email capabilities have proved to be interesting, but unfortunately not ground breaking.
The iPad has built in iTunes for music browsing and is much easier to navigate thanks to its large screen size compared to that of the iPhone. It has a similar unlocking slider to the iPhone and has Mobile Safari but unfortunately it does not seem to have Flash support.


The Apple iPad 2010



iPad and Safari

The Safari web browser on the iPad puts the Internet in your hands quite literally. You can view whole web pages in portrait or landscape in sharp text at a size that’s readable and also vibrant in colour. When you rotate the iPad to landscape, the page you’re viewing rotates too and then expands to fit the display.
When you touch and hold a link, Safari shows you the URL so you know before you go & there is also a handy thumbnail view that shows you all of your open pages in a grid. This means you can move really quickly from one page to the next with ease & accuracy.


Safari also takes full advantage of the powerful technology built into iPad. It connects to the web via high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi and when you’re away from a Wi-Fi network, you can surf the web from just about anywhere with optional 3G networking. Because Safari supports the latest web video and audio innovations in HTML5, you can enjoy the rich multimedia experience that you now expect from the Internet. Safari plays compatible videos right in the page or you can double-tap a video making it play it full screen.


Mail on the iPad

The Mail app on iPad gives you a brand new and natural way to see your emails. By just holding iPad in landscape, you get a split-screen view of your emails showing you both the opened email and the other messages in your inbox too. Each email also has a two-line preview of its content making it really easy to get through a lot of your emails very quickly. When you want to focus your attention on just a single email message though, all you have to do is turn the iPad to portrait and the email message will automatically rotate and fill the screen so that you can concentrate fully on its content.

As soon as you’re ready to compose a new message, a single tap to the Multi-Touch screen will reveal a large onscreen keyboard that has keys practically the same size as a notebook’s. Because it is software based, the iPad keyboard also switches between landscape and portrait orientation with each turn that you make. This ingenious piece of equipment even accelerates your typing by tracking what you type and suggesting words, correcting spelling and inserting punctuation where it is needed automatically.
The iPad also displays rich HTML emails with images and photos appearing alongside the text. When you receive an email with an attachment, you don’t have to save it and open it up with another app, all you have to do is simply tap it and you can view it right there and then without any hassle. The iPad works with most standard file and image formats so that you can rotate, zoom, and pan your iWork files, PDFs and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can even save pictures to the iPad photo library with just a single tap.

iPad Mail is also extremely smart about the content in email messages as well. It converts web URLs, phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses straight to links. All you have to do is just tap one of them on the Multi-Touch screen and the iPad will automatically open up the right app whether it be Safari, Contacts or Maps so that you can act on it right away. And, if you’re in the middle of writing an email and you find that you need to open another app to check a phone number or map an address, iPad Mail remembers exactly where you left off.

For added peace of mind, Mail on the iPad also works with the most popular email providers including Hotmail, Google Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Exchange and AOL along with most industry-standard IMAP and POP email systems. To add an account, all you have to do is type in some basic information and the iPad will simply do the rest for you. And when you need to find a message, iPads Mail will search emails on both your iPad and another server, depending on the type of account you have.


Photos on your free iPad

With the built-in Photos app on the iPad you can experience and scroll through your treasured photos with ease and simplicity. Your photo albums will appear as tidy little stacks that you can pinch and preview and with a simple tap to a stack, the whole album will open up before your eyes. From there you can scroll through thumbnails, tap to view in full screen mode or simply flip through your photos one at a time, It really is as simple as that!

There are lots of ways for you to get your photos into your iPad too. You can sync photos from your Mac or PC using iTunes, You can import photos directly from your camera or its SD card using the optional iPad Camera Connection Kit and you can also save photos direct from your emails to your iPad photo library. Whichever way you do it, you can be secure in the knowledge that once stored, every time you experience your photos it will be with ease and crystal clear clarity each and every time.

The iPads stunning 9.7-inch Multi-Touch display screen will show off all your photos in vivid colour and with excellent contrast and brightness every time. It uses a premium technology called IPS (in-plane switching) which provides an extremely wide viewing angle so that friends and family can gather around your iPad and still get a great view wherever they are standing.

When you rotate the iPad the picture you are viewing will automatically rotate too so that you can show it off any way you decide to. By just flipping the iPad over you can immediately share a snapshot with the person sitting across from you and then simply flip it back to share with someone sitting next to you. You can even create and play your very own slideshows complete with music and animated transitions on this remarkable piece of equipment too. Just place your iPad in the optional iPad Dock, turn it on and you will be free to experience your creation from across the room.

It is also possible with the iPad to view your photos not only by date and event but also by who’s in them and where they were taken. For example, to see all the photos you may have snapped in London let’s say, simply tap the Places button on your iPad and then tap London. Immediately your stack of photos will appear above the London pin and you can simply pinch or tap so that you can view them at your leisure. You can even focus in on specific locations like Trafalgar Square or Big Ben if you wish. How cool is that!


YouTube on your Free iPad

The YouTube app has been designed specifically to take advantage of all the capabilities the new iPad has to offer. The high-resolution screen makes YouTube videos look amazing, especially those that are in HD. The content is also organized in a brand new way so that each clip you see is easy to navigate and watch via your iPad. Simply tap what you want to see and the video will automatically appear in its full screen mode. Then, you can use your fingers to play, pause and advance through whatever video you have chosen. Turn the iPad sideways and automatically it will change and begin playing the video in a widescreen mode.

On YouTube you never know exactly what it is you’re going to find, it could be your favourite music video, clips from an old TV series or a wedding gone hilariously wrong but thankfully it is now much easier to find using the new iPad. From one uncluttered interface it is possible to browse through videos and read comments, as well as being able to check out Featured, Related, Most Viewed, and Top Rated videos with ease. Simply tap the search field on the Multi-Touch display screen and the onscreen keyboard will immediately appear so that you can type in your keyword. When you find what you’re looking for you can watch it in the full screen mode there and then or simply bookmark it and watch it at a later date. It is even possible to relive your finest YouTube moments on the new iPad as it is also capable of searching through your entire viewing history. YouTube on the iPad also remembers your account name making it very easy to rate and leave comment on the videos you have watched and if it’s one of those videos that are just so funny that you have to share the laughs with your family and friends, on the new iPad you can send it to them via email in an instant. Simply tap share on any YouTube video detail page and iPad will immediately create an email with the video link already in it! You can even post it to Facebook if you wish!



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