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Protect your new Free iPad 2 with a Smart cover

iPad 2 Smart cover colour options

So you finally got yourself the amazing iPad 2 but are afraid that the screen may get damaged, and are wanting ideas on how to protect it?, Well the best thing by far is the Apple iPad 2 smart cover, but its not just a cover.

The first thing to know is that the Smart cover for the iPad 2 will not cover the back of the iPad, just the screen, which of course is the most important part. Made from either Polyrethane or leather, (depending on the colour you prefer) the cover can fold out to create a very useful stand for your iPad 2.

One of the coolest features is that the iPad 2 will react when the cover is fitted by going to sleep and wake up again when the cover is removed, saving you time logging on or off or manually putting your device into sleep mode.

I mentioned that your apple ipad 2 Smart Cover is also used for a stand, ok, i'll describe. Any time you fold it, this takes on the form of a triangular in shape prism, to help you either fix the upper section of the ipad device to your cover so you're able to quite easily use they the virtual keyboard and jot down easily the way it stands around flat, otherwise you may affix the lower part, thus it holders from the up-right position and you could scan your selected e book or perhaps view your favourite motion picture.

Apple` s iPad 2 smart cover is supplied in different materials and colour options, the Pink, Orange, Light Blue, Green or light Grey option are manufactured from Polyurethane whilst the Light Brown, Black, Dark Grey or Red are manufactured from Italian leather.

I would suggest to anyone wanting to protect their new iPad to invest in the new smart cover, the covers are stylish, intelligent and manufactured to a very high standard!



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