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A Free iPad can be yours within a matter of weeks and once you have received your iPad for free you will be hooked just like the many other people who dont pay for their gadgets and who are making some extra money too!





The Freebie community has been working successfully for many years, recently it has sky rocketed to its current height on the net! An independent site for people on the scene is called Exceem and on here hundreds of people just like you are helping each other to get more and more free items which include the free iPad.

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How does this work who pays for the ipad?

Instead of putting hundreds of thousands of pounds into out of date advertising campaigns many companies are now using affiliate marketing. This is where people are rewarded for helping spread the word about great products and services. The companies who are giving the offers and free trials are paying for the iPad's in return for potential new customers.

Why do i need to put my credit card details in if its a free offer?

Basically it is to verify that you are who you say you are and that you’re not someone trying to get a free trial more than once.

How can the companies make money with free offers i don't understand?

This is explained on the homepage in more detail but the company giving the free trial is hopeful that you like the service and carry on using it after the free trial period finishes. They are willing to pay for the opportunity of gaining new customers and it is much cheaper for them to do it this way than it is advertising on the TV or in national magazines. To be a success all companies have to advertise for new customers in one way or another.

Will any money be taken from my credit card?

Absolutely not! The offer is a completely free trial and you would only be charged if you decided to keep the service on after the initial free period is over.

Can i have more than one account?

It’s a very good idea to check out the rules page and also the terms and conditions on the Freebiejeebies website but the short answer to that is no! You’re only allowed on account per home / internet connection.

How do i change the free gift i want?

We have created a how to guide to show you how to change your gift, its very simple and will only take you a moment.

Are my card details safe?

Yes! The companies giving the offers will use secure servers to protect your bank details!, please read our guide called using my credit card online if you want more information on this subject.

What's the Catch?

Great question and I wish I had a penny for every time this question is asked! The good news is there is NO catch with affiliate marketing! You simply join, complete an offer, get others to do the same and receive your gift! It’s as simple as that.

Can i invite friends from other countries to sign up?

Yes Freebiejeebies are available in most countries excluding India and the Philippines due to the high amount of fraud attempted from those countries.

What would happen if i couldn't get enough referrals have i wasted my time?

Definitely not! You can change your gift to one requiring less referrals or you can take the cash alternative if you wish so it is definitely NOT a waste of time for anyone.

Is this going to cost me?

If you complete one of the FREE offers, it will only cost you a little time talking to friends and getting them to sign up and be one of your referrals. If you choose an offer where there IS a charge it could cost £10 or £20 depending on the offer but that would be a very small amount to pay out to receive such an expensive item for free and on many offers you get back any money paid in to them.

Is this legal?

This is 100% legal and we would not have any dealings with any illegal activity.

How long will it take to get my gift

This depends on the individual and how quickly they can gather the required amount of referrals. Many people have received their gift within weeks of signing up themselves!


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