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How to enable cookies

Enabling cookies in your browser is very simple and will only take you a couple of minutes to do. It will ensure that your offer is tracked and this will be very useful information to pass onto your referrals so that you always get credited without any problems when a friend or family member completes an offer.


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Accepting cookies in your browser when using Safari

safari browser by apple

1) Open your Safari browser and look on the right hand side for an icon that looks like a machine cog. Click on the icon and then on PREFERENCES.


Safari browser image


2) An options box will pop up for you to choose the SECURITY option header. Click on the Accept cookies ALWAYS and that's it, you have successfully accepted cookies.


safari browser screenshot



Accepting cookies when using Internet Explorer

internet  explorer

1) Firstly open your browser and look for the TOOLS tab on the top left of your screen. Click on this and scroll to INTERNET OPTIONS and choose this option.



2) You will now have a box pop up so you will need to choose the PRIVACY tab and then ADVANCED options.


internet explorer screenshots


3) In this section click in the override automatic cookie handling and then choose the Accept first party cookies and Accept third party cookies.



Accepting cookies when using the firefox browser

firefox browser image


1) Open your Firefox browser and click on the TOOLS tab at the top left of your page. In the drop down box choose OPTIONS




2) Now in the PRIVACY section choose remember history.



That's it, now Firefox will remember the websites that you visit and will track your offer correctly.


If your browser is not shown use the HELP feature on the browser of your choice and there you will find instructions.


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