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The benefits of using an Apple iPad


An iPad will improve your day to day life for sure!

When the Apple iPad was released it caused quite a storm.  Never before had such a portable computer contained so many features.  From the touch screen technology to the downloadable applications it was a very new way of computing on the go.

The iPad is not just a standard computer, you can do so much more with it.  Some of the surprising things you can do with it are built in to the computer but others you can enable through free iPad applications.


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You can download movies from iTunes and watch them on your iPad.  Because of the great ten hour battery life, this is great for watching films on a long journey or if you are on holiday.  You can also stream movies through another PC so you don’t take up any memory on your iPad. Your iPad can also become another monitor, side by side with your current Apple PC,  thanks to a recently released free ipad app. 

If you need to keep in touch with your loved ones whilst away then FaceTime is another feature of the iPad that you will love.  Imagine being able to see your spouse, children or friends whilst you are in a different city or country.  It makes such a difference to see people rather than just talk to them over the phone. It allows you to see what they are doing and the quality of the connection is so good you will really feel that they are with you.

You will be able to view all your photos on your ipad, this can be done through iCloud too which means that all your photos and videos will automatically be downloaded to your computer from your iphone.  This is the same for the Apple TV too.  No more having to sit and download photos onto your computer because thanks to this new technology it is all done for you.


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The Wi-Fi and 3G technology allows you to use your ipad practically anywhere to access the internet. You will be able to stay in touch with people, whether they be work colleagues or friends and family wherever you are, at any time.

I think you can see just how great having an ipad would be.  Of course because of this amazing technology it comes at quite a price. Even the original ipad is quite expensive and the new ipad that has just been released is around the six hundred pounds mark.


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One way to get a free iPad, (that could be a free ipad 2 or a free new ipad) is to join a freebie site.  This may sound a little strange, would anyone really give away a free ipad? The answer is yes.  You simply sign up to the freebie site, complete a free or low cost promotional offer with a reputable company and refer other people to do the same.  For each person that does this you will be credited with points.  After you have accumulated a certain amount of points you will be rewarded with a brand new, fully guaranteed and most importantly free iPad. It will even be delivered to your home address at now extra charge.





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