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A Free iPad can be yours within a matter of weeks and once you have received your iPad for free you will be hooked just like the many other people who dont pay for their gadgets and who are making some extra money too!





The Freebie community has been working successfully for many years, recently it has sky rocketed to its current height on the net! An independent site for people on the scene is called Exceem and on here hundreds of people just like you are helping each other to get more and more free items which include the free iPad.

Exceem "I got my free item"

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iPad for free-Proof it works


The freebie craze started in the USA a long time ago and has taken off all over the world. It has been talked about on many news and gadget programmes and there are many independent reviews and testimonals out there. Although the videos might not be the best quality as they have been recorded from TV and transferred to the web, they are proof the system works and give details on who pays for the item etc. What is very clear is that the freebie sites are reputable and really do provide the opportunity for people to get free gifts for doing very little. All the proof shown below comes from well known media sources and give positive reports on the whole freebie site.

The video you will find below shows the well known Gadget Show confirming that the freebie jeebie site and whole incentive process is authentic, casting away any doubt that there might have been regarding it's validity.

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Free Gadget guide

T3 is a highly regarded magazine that reviews all the hottest new Gadgets to hit the market. In the edition shown here T3 had done an article about getting gifts for free. They documented that the Freebie Jeebies webiste was a genuine site that really does give you the free gifts it promises if you follow the simple instructions.
Hundreds of people have got gadgets for free, why not let one of them be you?

Article from news 7 showing that free item scheme in not a scam

Free iPod's offer legitimate

The well known American newspaper The Daily Illini researched the freebie website system and reported that the offer of free gifts is 100% genuine and you will definitely receive a free iPod or any other gift that you have chosen for just following the website instructions. You can see that this reputable newspaper also ran an article about people receiving their free items from the internet, further proof the offer is authentic.


Article from news 7 showing legitimate ipad for free echeme

Special report: Great giveaways


This is the follow up report to the video from News 7, hundreds of people receiving free gifts online. The special report titled the "Great giveaway" gave people peace of mind that the free gifts really do arrive once you have recommended enough people to the scheme.


Just a few of the other choices of free gifts received

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Here are a few testimonials from other people who also receive their free rewards from Freebiejeebies!


"Free iPods and iPhones"
Freebiejeebie is simply awesome!!! When I first heard about the whole freebie process I thought that it had to be fake, no one could just give away free iPods and iPhones surely? How wrong I was! When you think about it, it makes sense because everyone is a winner. I got a free iPod within a matter of weeks and then got a free iPhone shortly after. The best thing is that you can get just about anything you want from them, including cash!! - Exceem Forum member


"I have received over £500 of freebies"
I signed up to Freebiejeebies a few months ago and since then I have received over £500 worth of freebies. It's not difficult and very lucrative - Ellie Rathbone


"Nintendo Wii for Christmas"

Looking for a way to get my son a Nintendo Wii for Christmas after recently losing my job I was introduced to this scheme by a friend and because I couldn't afford to buy the item outright I signed up and gave it a go. I was sceptical to say the least and even after I had completed an offer and got enough people to do the same I still reckoned that I would not receive my gift.

When I got a courier knocking on my door with my delivery of the Wii I still couldn't believe it, my son had a fantastic Christmas after nearly breaking the TV (he forgot to put the wrist strap on again) I felt over the moon that I managed to get his "Big" Christmas present and since then I’m hooked, time for some gadgets for Dad me thinks, anyway thanks again for the help.

eXceem Forum Member



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