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A Free iPad can be yours within a matter of weeks and once you have received your iPad for free you will be hooked just like the many other people who dont pay for their gadgets and who are making some extra money too!





The Freebie community has been working successfully for many years, recently it has sky rocketed to its current height on the net! An independent site for people on the scene is called Exceem and on here hundreds of people just like you are helping each other to get more and more free items which include the free iPad.

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This is not essential but we do recommend it and then it is time to choose an offer to complete. Once you have decided on your offer and filled out the required information with them, you are officially well on your way to receiving your free iPad! It really is as simple as that!

Please bear in mind though that only one offer can be completed during the process to qualify for a free iPad and that no other person can join using the same internet connection & IP address as you have used. Your IP address is recorded when you sign up to the scheme so any other sign up from that address would be classed as fraudulent and your account put on hold so please make sure you follow the guidelines to save yourself any hassle! offer instructions being updated!









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