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The Freebie community has been working successfully for many years, recently it has sky rocketed to its current height on the net! An independent site for people on the scene is called Exceem and on here hundreds of people just like you are helping each other to get more and more free items which include the free iPad.

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Companies do and always have needed to advertise their products and services to gain custom. A large number of these advertising campaigns have usually been via TV commercials, magazines and newspapers etc so when some clever soul thought up affiliate marketing (which this is) he was definitely onto a winning formula! More and more people choose companies and products recommended by word of mouth and social networking sites such as Facebook, My space and Twitter to name a few because they trust the advice of friends and family before that of classic advertising as we know it.


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Instead of putting hundreds of thousands of pounds into old style advertising campaigns, many companies are now using affiliate marketing and this is where people are rewarded for helping to spread the word about great products and services.

Take for example, little bid Tasty and Alliance and Leicester. Because they want people to benefit from their excellent service they are using a third party affiliate marketing company, in this case Freebiejeebies one of the best in this field, to help them find potential new customers. gives a trial offer because many people will respond to a trial offer and it costs them very little so there’s no risk of anyone being out of pocket by doing this and potential new customers are given the opportunity to sample their great service with no obligation. Of course when someone has tried a service either for free or very little cost and found it to be highly satisfactory, the odds are that they will be happy to continue using that service and to pay for it giving exactly what they have been looking for. free trial offer

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As offering a free trial costs a company much less than using the classic old type marketing, they are more than happy to pay for every potential new customer they can get whilst still making a healthy profit.

By finding potential customers for Freebiejeebies YOU will benefit from each person who signs up to the scheme whether they continue to use the service after the trial period is over or not. You will be rewarded for your efforts by receiving high ticket items such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, ps3 and many more great gifts besides!

It’s a win win situation for everyone! Your friends get a free trial with a great service, the affiliate company make a profit, the company offering the trial get their potential new customers and you get the latest gadgets completely free of charge! So why wait, click on the GET YOURS HERE label on the homepage and start the process of claiming your free iPad today!!


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